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Quality Assurance is the commitment of Graduate School of Education. Its mission is quality education. It ensures that the quality of the education and research training. It provides constantly opportunity to share, review and improvement to the research achievements. It has prescribed well developed criteria, appropriateness of the standard and design that known nationally and internationally. The school’s dedicated quality assurance site sets out the structure, procedures, and results of its quality assurance policy and internal evaluation procedures. It also seeks for the collaborative works for its dynamic progress and development in quality research.

Tribhuvan university focused its objectives as, preserve and develop historical and cultural heritage of the nation and to accumulate, advance and disseminate knowledge; to encourage & promote research in Arts, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, Management, Education, Law and other vocational fields for research based quality education. So, quality research and production of qualified educator manpower in educational fields is the main objective of the Graduate School of Education. Thus, the guidelines and belief of making the educational programs conducted by Tribhuvan University more practical, useful and time-relevant, the Faculty of Education has been conducting MPhil, PhD and Post Doctors programme conferring in different subject streams.

To fulfil objectives of the Graduate School of Education under the Faculty of Education, TU offers MPhil, PhD & Post Doc programmes in the field of higher education with a high level of professionalism, expertise and research skills in different subjects.

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