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It is outward that the Graduate School of Education (GSE) has been working as a part of the Faculty of Education, Tribhuvan University, the oldest university in Nepal, for several years, thereby demonstrating its excellence as its disciplinary identity, particularly through the Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs in education. The primary focus is given to producing graduates with competencies of educational leadership, research, curriculum making, and facilitating the learning of students who can contribute to educational and social transformation. It takes approaches to facilitate transformation in favor of meaning-centered, authentic, and inclusive educational systems, processes, and outcomes.

We have a tradition of engaging students in change-seeking participatory pedagogies that facilitate them in experiential and critical reflective learning. They are involved in plural epistemic traditions that arise from local and global wisdom traditions. They are enabled to reflect, critique, and envision the change in the educational and social milieu. The availability of learning resources including ICTs facilitates to the promotion of such meaningful learning. The online or face-to-face or blended mode of pedagogies maximizes the students’ choice of learning mode.

We offer the programs such as Educational Studies, Mathematics Education, English Education, Nepali Education, Health Education, and Social Studies Education. The students can have choices of a wide range of issues within the broader landscapes of the programs. We strive to develop our academic programs to demonstrate a unique blend of needs expressed by the community and futuristic orientation offered by local, regional, and international instruments and frameworks and the ongoing research of the scholarly communities.

We collaborate with academic organizations, universities, research organizations, and funding agencies of international repute. The last but not least, we are humble at the core, for our growth and excellence are driven by the ethos of lifelong learning.  We focus on knowledge construction as well as dissemination through base activities.

Prof.  Bed Raj Acharya, PhD

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